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Dr Sravan Vascular Surgeon – Case study

Medifluence partnered with Dr. Sravan, a renowned vascular surgeon, to enhance his digital footprint and connect with a broader audience. Our comprehensive strategy encompassed personal branding, including website development, video marketing on Instagram and YouTube, and rigorous SEO efforts. Objective The primary goal was to establish Dr. Sravan as a leading authority in vascular surgery online, making his expertise accessible and engaging to potential patients and peers. We aimed to: Enhance Dr. Sravan’s personal brand through a tailored website and dynamic video content. Increase digital visibility and engagement through targeted social media marketing and SEO. Convert online interactions into real-world patient engagements and referrals. Execution Personal Website Development: 1.Conducted a detailed website audit to pinpoint improvement areas. 2.Built a personal website with an emphasis on user experience, showcasing Dr. Sravan’s expertise and services. 3.Implemented on-page and technical SEO adjustments based on keyword research, aiming to optimize for search engines. Video Marketing on Instagram and YouTube: Developed a content calendar focusing on informative and engaging video content that highlights Dr. Sravan’s specialty. Utilised organic growth tactics to boost visibility and engagement from scratch, achieving rapid follower growth. Link: SEO Strategy: 1.Identified strategic keywords relevant to vascular surgery and integrated these into the website content. 2. Published 12 high-quality, SEO-optimized blogs over 30 days, enhancing content variety and depth. 3.Continuously monitored and tweaked SEO tactics to maintain upward momentum in search rankings. Results Social Media Impact: Achieved 15,000 impressions on Instagram within 30 days from initiation, marking a significant increase in engagement and follower count. SEO and Content Marketing Success: Enhanced online visibility with a 198% boost in impressions and a 193% increase in engagement across digital platforms. Lead Generation and Conversion: The strategic content and SEO approach resulted in an 8-fold increase in leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of targeted content. Real-World Outcomes: The enhanced digital presence directly contributed to tripling the walk-in rate and doubling the referral rate, translating online success into tangible patient increases. This case study exemplifies how Medifluence leverages digital marketing strategies to position healthcare professionals as leaders in their field, significantly boosting their online and offline presence.

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Dr.Preethi Case Study – Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon

About the Client Dr. Preethi Mrinalini K, a trailblazer in Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery, has carved a niche for herself in the healthcare landscape. With an illustrious educational background from Sri Ramachandra Medical College, Chennai, and extensive training in Minimal Access surgery, Dr. Preethi stands at the forefront of surgical innovation. Currently, she serves as a Consultant Surgeon at Apollo Main Hospitals and Marina’s Clinic in Chennai, where her expertise continues to transform lives. Objective The primary goal was to amplify Dr. Preethi’s digital footprint, showcasing her surgical expertise and contributions to a broader audience. We aimed to increase her visibility, engagement, and lead generation through strategic digital branding and content marketing, ultimately boosting her influence in the healthcare community. Youtube Ad Video: Execution Our comprehensive strategy encompassed several key initiatives: 1. SEO Optimization: To enhance Dr. Preethi’s discoverability online, targeting healthcare seekers and industry peers. 2. Content Creation: Developing engaging, informative content tailored for Instagram reels and YouTube videos, including high-quality scripts and thumbnails. 3. Social Media Management: Overhauling her social media strategy to improve consistency and engagement, utilising analytics to inform content scheduling and audience targeting. 4. Audience Engagement: Leveraging insights into follower behaviour to craft content that resonates, driving interactions and conversions. Instagram Video:  Instagram/Facebook AD creative: Results The results of our 90-day campaign were nothing short of remarkable: 1.  Achieved a 198% boost in impressions, enhancing her visibility across digital platforms. 2. Increased engagement by 193%, fostering a more active and engaged community. 3. Generated 10x more leads, demonstrating the effectiveness of our targeted content strategy. 4. Tripled the walk-in rate, translating online success into real-world outcomes. Through dedicated efforts and strategic planning, Medifluence has significantly boosted Dr. Preethi Mrinalini – Bariatric and Laparoscopic Surgeon online presence, reinforcing his standing in the  field and broadening his professional reach. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored, effective marketing solutions in the healthcare industry.  

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