Dr. Karan Shetty – Enhancing Plastic Surgery Presence Online

Introduction At Medifluence, we specialise in crafting specialised marketing solutions for healthcare professionals. Dr. Karan Shetty, an experienced plastic surgeon leading Tara Healthcare, collaborated with us to enhance his online presence and patient outreach. Our comprehensive approach included LinkedIn personal branding, website SEO, and personal website design and development. Objective The primary objective was to elevate Dr. Karan Shetty’s visibility and authority in the plastic surgery domain through strategic digital marketing. We aimed to: Boosted Dr. Shetty’s personal brand on LinkedIn, enhancing his network and professional visibility. Increase organic traffic to Tara Healthcare’s website by improving its SEO. Develop a personal website for Dr. Shetty that reflects his expertise and attracts potential patients. Execution LinkedIn Personal Branding: We started from scratch, aiming to establish Dr. Shetty as a thought leader on LinkedIn. Our strategy included: Creating and optimising his LinkedIn profile. Curating and scheduling regular posts to highlight his expertise, patient stories, and insights into plastic surgery trends. Engaging with relevant content to increase visibility among peers and potential patients. LinkedIn Achievements: Achieved 25,000 impressions within 90 days from a starting point of zero. Significant improvements in engagement and follower growth, establishing a robust professional network. SEO for Tara Healthcare: Our SEO efforts were multi-faceted: 1. Conducting a comprehensive website audit to identify SEO opportunities and issues. 2. Keyword research to determine valuable terms that potential patients are searching for. 3. Writing and publishing 12 targeted blogs over 90 days, focusing on these keywords. 4. Implementing on-page and technical SEO enhancements to improve site structure and performance. SEO Success for Tara Healthcare: A 43% increase in website traffic within 90 days. Successfully ranked multiple targeted keywords on the first page of Google, some of which were not previously ranked. Personal Website Development: For Dr. Shetty’s personal branding site, we: Designed and developed a sleek, professional website that communicates his skills and services. Replicated our successful SEO strategy from Tara Healthcare’s site, including blog content, on-page optimization, and technical adjustments. Personal Website Impact: Dr. Shetty’s personal website now effectively showcases his expertise and attracts a higher volume of potential patients. The site mirrors the SEO success seen with Tara Healthcare, gaining substantial organic visibility. Through dedicated efforts and strategic planning, Medifluence has significantly boosted Dr. Karan Shetty’s online presence, reinforcing his standing in the plastic surgery field and broadening his professional reach. This case study exemplifies our commitment to delivering tailored, effective marketing solutions in the healthcare industry.

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